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On June 7, 2020, an Advisory Board, made up of all Black LGBTQ+ leaders was formed to move forward in organizing the All Black Lives Matter solidarity march on Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 11:00am in Los Angeles, in honor of our beloved trans brother Tony McDade, who was murdered by police at that time. The protest is in direct response to racial injustice, systemic racism, and all forms of oppression.


Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera bravely started a movement at the Stonewall Inn in 1969. They stood up to systemic racism and bigotry. We must acknowledge and recognize the many tireless years of service and action by Black LGBTQ+ people. The LGBTQ+ community must extend its support to unite against oppression, police brutality, racism, transphobia, and the many other disparities disproportionately impacting the Black community. 


We are here to amplify Black Queer voices and come together in solidarity. 

All Black Lives Matter supports Black Lives Matter in its current global demands: 1) Prosecute killer cops. 2) Defund the police and reinvest in the community. 


The protest is in direct response to the state-sanctioned violence against Black people, and the murders of #TonyMcDade, #GeorgeFloyd, #BreonnaTaylor, and #AhmaudArbery. It is also about the 601 of our people killed by police in Los Angeles County in the last seven years and hundreds of others killed by White supremacy more broadly, including #SkyYoung, #GemmelMoore and #TimothyDean.



Out of recognition and respect to the years of work and action of Black LGBTQ+ leadership and community organizers, Christopher Street West and LA Pride will no longer co-organize the All Black Lives Matter march. However, they are in full support and stand unapologetically in solidarity with efforts to dismantle racial justice, systemic oppression, institutional barriers, police brutality and discrimination of all kinds. 


The Advisory Board is not working with CSW on the pre-march rally program, but will serve as an independent body creating a program aimed at amplifying the voices of the Black community and allies. Additionally, in tandem, we will engage Black-owned businesses to help support and put this peaceful march together. 

The Advisory Board will neither engage corporate sponsors from or through CSW nor official police involvement in organizing the All Black Lives Matter march. For the All Black Lives Matter solidarity march on Sunday, June 14, 2020, we recognize the safety concerns around COVID-19 and the pandemic currently plaguing the nation, and disproportionately the Black and LGBTQ+ communities, and ask protesters to take protective measures, including wearing face coverings and avoiding large crowds if you are at high risk or displaying symptoms of COVID-19. California Department of Public Health recommendations can be found here. 


For press inquiries or more information,





B.L.A.C (Black LGBTQIA Advisory Board Council)

Gerald Garth, Garth Management Group, LLC

Brandon Anthony, B.A.S.H LA

Pastor Sammie Haynes, Vision Church Los Angeles

Paul Scott. LA Black LGBTQ Movement

Princess Murray, Compton Pride

Stacy Alford, MPH

Yuriel “Miss. Shalae” Young,  The Glasswing Group

Blossom Brown

Luckie Fuller, Invisible Men

Chela Demuir, The Unique Woman's Coalition

Jeannette Bronson, BLU Co-Founder






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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.​ ​What time and where does the All Black Lives Matter protest march begin?

A.​ ​The All Black Lives Matter protest march will begin at 12:00pm, with a pre-march program beginning at 11:00am on June 14, 2020. The protest march will start at Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. and end at Santa Monica and San Vicente Blvds.


Q. Is the All Black Lives Matter protest march in place of LA Pride?

A. The All Black Lives Matter protest march is not being organized in collaboration with Christopher Street West or LA Pride. While CSW was participating early on, CSW is not an organizer, collaborator, nor does it have an affiliation with the protest march. CSW does support and stand in full solidarity with the All Black Lives Matter protest march.



Q. Will there be booths and music?
A. Theprotestmarchwillnothaveboothsormusic.


Q. Who’s in charge?

A. Black LGBTQ+ Activists for Change (BLAC) is an independent collective of diverse Black LGBTQ+ leaders and community members. This group of individuals are all equal voices and representatives of the All Black Lives Matter protest march.



Q. How can I donate?

A. ABLM welcomes in-kind donations. Considering COVID-19 regulation, we must limit which products we accept and how we accept them. Please send all donation inquiries to​.



Q. How can I volunteer?

A. ABLM welcomes volunteers. Please send all volunteer inquiries to​.


Q. Which organizations are involved in the All Black Lives Matter march?
BlackLGBTQ+ActivistsforChange(BLAC)consistsofanindependentgroupofBlack LGBTQ+ community members and representatives. The original collaborative organizations of BLAC include: AMAAD Institute, Black Lesbians United (BLU), Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLM-LA), B.A.S.H. LA, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Compton Pride, Garth Management Group, The Glasswing Group, Invisible Men, LA Black LGBTQ Movement, Unique Woman’s Coalition, Vision Church Los Angeles.

Individuals and supporting agencies are welcomed to sign on. For more information and for at ​​.



Q. Is the All Black Lives Matter protest march soliciting t corporate sponsors?

A. TherearenocorporatesponsorshipsconnectedtoorinvolvedwiththeAllBlackLives Matter protest march. Any donation requests should be sent to



Q. What should I wear?

A. The All Black Lives Matter protest march is designed to highlight and amplify All Black Lives, particularly Black LGBTQ+ lives. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and how they feel most representative of their solidarity with Black LGBTQ+ lives.


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